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Welcome to Mark Ditzler Glass Studio!

 A Custom Glass and Public Artwork Studio

Glass is a wonderful substance. Everything makes it an incomparable plastic medium in the hands of an ingenious artist, offering his imagination and talent almost limitless scope for discovery. — René Lalique

I love glass because it has tremendous potential to inspire the viewer with light and color. It is an extremely versatile material because it can be sculpted to be thick and textural or smooth and flat. It provides brilliant color and the illusion of depth. It can be illuminated or refract existing light, and it can be abstract or show images with photographic precision. My hope is to create work that will be treasured as lasting heirlooms and artifacts.  I use “surface design elements” to produce my signature work. These design elements can be glass cane or murrini made in the hot shop, or small twists of colored glass made with the flame-working torch.  Screen-printing, iridizing, gold and silver foils, and dichroic color are techniques used to accent the fused glass. Using 25 years of experience and a wide range of kiln-forming techniques, I make wall panels, sinks, counter tops, lighting, and public art. Enjoy!

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