Glass Artwork Design Specifications and Shipping

To place an order, or to ask a question, please call (206-551-1947) or “Contact the Studio”.  Please describe which project you are interested in and we’ll try to answer in one business day or less.

Design Specifications

Wall Panels: The Glass Wall Panel series is an exciting alternative to conventional wall art.  The panels are abstract compositions of colored glass, and are brightly reflective.  Texture, color and reflection work in harmony to create a durable glass “painting” for the wall. The dynamic design and color create an initial impact, with intricate details that invite closer enjoyment.  The panel series incorporates special design elements such as twisted canes, brightly colored dichroic glass, or highlights of gold, silver or platinum.  Each panel is unique, equally suitable for a corporate environment or a fine home. Each is equipped with mounting hardware, ready to hang.

Glass Vessel Sinks: Mark Ditzler Glass Studio specializes in luminously beautiful glass sinks.  Rich colors and intricate designs are fused together at high temperatures.  The thick edge of the sink is polished to reveal the inner details of the glass and the fine “champagne” bubbles inside.  Ditzler sinks include special design elements like twisted cane, flame-working, and patterned dichroic glass.  These special features are time-consuming and rare, created as signature elements to assure the sink is unique art glass of the finest quality.

For answers to common questions about our glass vessel sinks, please click here.

Glass Fish: The hanging glass fish are designed to be displayed in a “school.”  They look best in a random grouping suspended at different heights to create a realistic arrangement.  They can be displayed in front of a window, over a half-wall, above a fireplace, even around a curving wall.  Thin, stainless steel cables are used to suspend them, and can be provided at any length.  Many people display the fish in front of a window.  We also recommend using MR-16 spot lights to provide additional light.  This way the fish will glow with transmitted light during the day, and with reflected light after dark.  Please contact the studio for hanging instructions. Volume discounts available.

Countertops: Glass countertops or vanities make a dramatic architectural statement.  They can be custom made at the Ditzler studio in many sizes and thicknesses.  Working from your dimensions, we build a temporary mold in the kiln that is filled with the selected glass color and recycled clear glass.  The kiln is then fired to more than 1500 F, which melts the glass into one seamless piece, a process known as “kiln casting.”  Because we use many small pieces in the casting, several colors can be combined, and even small “artifacts” such as leaves or images can be melted inside the glass.

The top surface of the countertop has a “slate” texture with an iridized or metallic sheen.  The iridized coating provides a beautiful gold, silver or blue shimmer on the surface of the glass in addition to the base color of the glass.  There are many small “champagne” bubbles within the glass which adds to the rustic effect.

Should you wish to place a glass vessel sink on the counter, we provide the drain opening, as well as the holes for the faucet.  Illumination with rope lighting, LEDs, or spot lighting will provide a beautiful accent or nightlight effect.  Please contact the studio for additional information, color samples, or a price proposal.

Design Method

Over the last 15 years I have worked extensively with art brokers and designers on numerous commissions for department stores, hospitals, clinics, corporations and private individuals.  I have also worked with design committees, architects and contractors to complete several recent public art projects.

My design methodology begins by listening to my clients to thoroughly understand their requirements. Once a project begins, I use design sketches as a way to communicate ideas.  When the client gives approval to a sketch, we may progress to scale drawings, glass samples or a scale model to finalize ideas, colors, and textures.  I offer ideas, but enjoy an interactive process while we work to develop and refine a glass design. As a designer, I’m challenged to make ideas into a work of art, by using the opportunities, and working within the limits of each project.  My education in industrial design allows me to produce good drawings and to understand technical information provided by the client. I consistently deliver my projects on time and on budget.


Go ahead and touch it! Fused glass is surprisingly durable, especially the thicker castings. Glass is very easy to clean, its color will never fade, and it is as scratch resistant as most materials including ceramics, aluminum and stainless. With thoughtful placement, glass is an attractive and viable material for art in public places.

Care & Cleaning

A soft cloth and Windex are recommended for cleaning any of the glass on this website.  For a glass sink, avoid powdered cleanser which will dull the glass with time. Also avoid scouring pads or anything that might cause scratches (for more information, please click here).

Custom Orders

For a custom order, it is recommended that we make a small sample tile of your design before starting on the final piece.  This ensures that all parties understand the specifics of the order. The studio requires a $50 non-refundable charge to make the sample.  Small un-fired glass color samples are free.

Lead Times

Delivery times are usually 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of down payment, but may change.  The studio requires a 50% down payment to begin artwork, with the balance due upon delivery. Please confirm your needed delivery date when ordering.


Shipping is by UPS Ground unless other arrangements are made.  We can estimate shipping charges when you place your order.  Final shipping charges are applied to the final invoice. Most wall panels will require a wood crate which is an additional charge.


 Your personal check is welcome. We do not take credit cards at this time.

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