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Custom Elements

As a designer and artist, I love working with glass because it is such a versatile material. It's almost magical in it's qualities: translucent and brilliantly colorful; thin and smooth or thick and strong; and it can transmit or reflect light! Choosing the right technique is key to producing stunning results. I use "custom design elements" in my signature work. These design elements can be canes or murrini made in the hot shop, or smaller details made in the flame-working torch. When fused into the piece they "unwind" and their inner structure is revealed. Gold, silver, copper or platinum, and dichroic glass can be brilliant focal points. Screen-printed enamels, etching or sand blasting are also used to provide additional details and texture. Each piece is a combination of these design elements, producing a balanced composition. All these advanced techniques are not common in fused glass, making my work unique.  Using 20 years of experience and a wide range of kiln-forming techniques I hope to produce work that will mature into lasting heirlooms and artifacts. 

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