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Tukwila Village

Glass Bollards

Sixteen illuminated concrete bollards were designed for a library and community center plaza.  My concept was to create a series of "way finding" lights that would serve as beacons across the plaza, unifying the area with welcoming color.  Each pattern is based on a spiral "wind or cloud" design, one from China, one from Panama, and one from SW United States
(Navajo). I hope that visitors will feel more comfortable in the plaza night and day, protected by my border of lights.

The glass pattern for each cylinder was modeled in clay, then a series of rubber, wax and plaster molds were made to contain the glass while it was melted in a kiln.  Once cool, the glass was ground and polished and installed using energy efficient LED lighting.  Glass tile running
down the side of each cylinder allow light to shine on the sidewalk below, creating even more color, especially on wet concrete. 

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