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"Bright Spots" Atrium Sculpture

This fused glass public art sculpture provides a colorful and dramatic feature for the entrance atrium and sky bridge of the building. Designed for a Family Services center, the hanging sculpture  is intended to provide some color and whimsy to visiting parents and children. The colorful iridized glass changes color depending on the direction and intensity of light, and is visible from two busy

arterials on both sides of the building. Planning and installation required close cooperation between my studio, the architect, the commissioning agency, and the contractor. Detailed drawings were required to establish adequate connection points for the sculpture, and installation was scheduled and completed on a very tight time line.

The Donor Wall: 

The sculpture is designed to give the immediate impression of playful balloons or bubbles rising up the wall. They are also intended to honor the many donors who helped finance the building, and the names are visible as the viewer moves closer to the piece. The metal standoffs secure the glass and provide the illusion of depth, with additional colored shadows falling on the wall behind. 

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